press release

Leonard Freed. Worldview
18.10.2018 – 12.05.2019

Conceived in partnership with the US agency Magnum, this exhibition presents a retrospective of the work of American Jewish photographer Leonard Freed (1929 - 2006).

Minorities, war, revolution, racial discrimination, work, pleasure, policing, poverty, art or even everyday life are at the heart of the work of this "documentary photographer". Leonard Freed seeks to understand why people do what they do, focusing on key moments in global political history as a committed witness. The Israeli-Palestinian conflict (since 1948), the civil rights movement in the United States (1954 - 1968), Germany at the time of the Cold War, or the revolution in Romania (1989): far from choosing his subjects at random, Leonard Freed intends, through his photographs, to denounce the world as it is.