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In the framework of the Palais de Tokyo modules, the artists of Le Pavillon, 2006-2007 season, are offering a series of confrontations in the form of a dialogue and an exchange of views about their shared experience. Two Thursdays in June will be devoted to presenting the works of two artists in residence, works that see themselves as a reaction, a confrontation or the possible construction of a space between two proposals.

The residents involved in this initiative come from six different countries, have very varied approaches and distinct “fields of play”. This series of exhibitions presents the fruits of the research carried out during their residency in Paris and their workshop in India in January 2007.

Le Pavillon is the Palais de Tokyo's creative laboratory in Paris . It was set up by the artist Ange Leccia who has run it ever since it opened in 2001. Every year Le Pavillon welcomes ten young artists and curators, recruited following an international competition attracting more than 300 candidates. The programme lasts eight months. The work projects suggested to the residents, exhibitions, publications, a workshop in France or abroad, are placed in the hands of an invited artist or critic who monitors their progress.

Le Pavillon is a place for exchanges between the artists on the programme and the focus for reflecting about the way art is practised today and the issues involved. At the same time it is a place where their practice will be immediately registered in the art field. In this sense, the artists recruited are young professionals, and their way of working can be enriched by contact with new experiences. And finally, while the artistic activity is generally based on the assertion of an individual, unique and identifiable approach, Le Pavillon generates a collective asking of questions and promotes the development of a working relationship between the artists in the group.

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Les Artistes de Pavillon

mit Alex Cecchetti, Duvier del Dago, Mati Diop, Manu Laskar, Jaime Lutzo, Cova Macias, Denis Savary, Jean-Luc Vincent, Alain Declercq