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The title The Self Express comes form the idea that all art is a form of self expression. Continuing the long tradition of self-portraits in art, media artist Les Levine (Diamond Mind, 1977, See Your Mind, 1995) brings us The Self Express. We follow the artist on to a train. Instantly we know we are not going anywhere. We have entered a train of thought. We are traveling on a journey into the mind, into media, into thinking. The Self Express is an installation piece which viewers can go in and out of freely.

The unique ethereal soundtrack produces the sensation of being lost in time and thought. Vivid abstract colors pulse on the screen in sync with the music, and images are constantly passing like a stream of consciousness as the artist continually answers questions put to him by unseen voices. As the artist speaks, words roll across the screen. The words sometimes synchronize with what is spoken and set off signifying alerts.

As The Self Express continues we travel with the artist through his life and views. Finally when we see the artist leaves the station we continue with an image of our own thoughts.


only in german

Les Levine “The Self Express”