press release

LeWitt & Lerisse 13.07.2019 - 15.09.2019

Opening 13.07.2019 18:00

The exhibition LeWitt & Lerisse, presents significant drawings by Sol Lewitt alongside the contemporary photographic work of Chrystèle Lerisse, exploring the use of systems by the two artists in the context of the affective force of their work. The comparability of the two artists, separated by more than just generations and continents, is centred around the artists’ use of programs and series that take precedence over the objects and meanings these systems transmit. Beyond the mechanic simplicity of their programs, they code a deeply complex modelling of our historical world through its mood or ‘vibe’.

Biographies :

Sol LeWitt, Born 1928, Hartford, Connecticut USA, died 2007, New York, USA. Connected to the development of minimal art in America, he separated from that movement to work on his more conceptual approach to art-making, writing the key text Paragraphs on Conceptual Art in 1967 which opens the ground for thinking of art as communication. He re-defined the art object through his drawings, sculptures and wall-based work, becoming one of the most influential artists of his generation.

Chrystèle Lerisse, born Mans, 1960, France. Her work invites a more demanding gaze that is always situated in the immediate space between visible substance and the thing photographed. Both by the use of format, that imposes questions on the significance of classic framing, and by her treatment of black & white film, she obliges the viewer to go beyond all conformist or normalised ideas of the relation between the gaze and the reality of what is photographed. Publishing plays an equally important role in the artist’s practice since 1985. Her work has been exhibited in galleries, museums and art centres in France, the United States, Asia and Europe and is part of public and private collections in France and abroad.