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Ashcan painters, an early 20th century group of painters working in New York, are thought to depict primarily scenes of the urban life of the lower socio-economic classes. While this is certainly one important aspect of these artists’ work, it is not entirely representative, as Life's Pleasures will illustrate.

This exhibition, comprised of over 70 paintings, will feature the vibrant and diverse leisure activities experienced and observed by such Ashcan painters as Joan Sloan, Everett Shinn, George Luks, George Bellows, William Glackens, and their leader, Robert Henri.

This exhibition was organized by the Detroit Institute of Arts.

Life's Pleasures
The Ashcan Artists' Brush with Leisure, 1895-1925
George Wesley Bellows, George Luks, William Glackens, Robert Henri, Everett Shinn, John Sloan ...