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Likeness: Portraits of Artists by Other Artists is the first exhibition of its kind to bring into focus a recent history of artists' representations of other artists. A key aspect of the show is a consideration of how artists have negotiated what, exactly, constitutes a portrait, and how many contemporary artists have embraced the historical genre of portraiture, in turn creating a compelling contemporaneous record and account of today's art scenes. In surveying this unique terrain, Likeness embraces a variety of approaches to portraiture, while focusing on artworks made during the past three decades by a loose network of artists active in Los Angeles, New York, London, Berlin, and elsewhere. Through works such as David Robbins's seminal 1986 work Talent, which documented the major players of the mid-1980s downtown New York art scene, the exhibition also seeks to reveal the social dynamics of certain recent contemporary art milieus. In addition to conventional approaches to portraiture, Likeness includes experimental interpretations of the genre, such as Felix Gonzalez-Torres's text-based portrait, which lists decisive personal events in the life of his friend Julie Ault. Generous lead sponsorship for Likeness is provided by Tecoah and Thomas Bruce and by Joe and Beth Hurwich. Pressetext

Likeness: Portraits of Artists by Other Artists
Arbeiten von Matthew Antezzo, Roy Arden, David Armstrong, AA Bronson, Edgar Bryan, Heather Cantrell, Chuck Close, Anne Collier, Tacita Dean, Sam Durant, Nan Goldin, Felix Gonzales-Torres, Richard Hamilton, Peter Hujar, Deborah Kass, Mike Kelley, Richard Kern, Bruce La Bruce, Sean Landers, Robert Mapplethorpe, Jonathan Meese, Richard Misrach, Dave Muller, Paul Noble, Julian Opie, Elizabeth Peyton, Sigmar Polke, Richard Prince, David Robbins, Wolfgang Tillmans, James Welling, Neil Winokur