press release

Almost all of my paintings come after a watercolor which I use as a model. I make watercolors on a daily basis to stay in contact with my self and to "warm up". Once in a while going through my watercolors I could select one or some as a group to be re-done as paintings, that means I can make a painting even years after I made the original watercolor. This way I feel more objective in choosing the image I wish to paint, the painting becomes like a frozen instant to look at, like a found image, in a suspended gap of meaning. Abstraction permits an infinite possibility of thinking. I consider my paintings kind of sculptures: a three dimensional object made of wood stretchers, canvas, paint, staples and a string to be hung on a wall.

To paint is an act of nostalgia about the past and about the future. Also in the show are some ceramics of no use. "Strange" could be the category to inscribe in the paintings and the ceramics too.

Lino Fiorito

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Lino Fiorito
Malerei und Keramik