press release

"Live" testifies to an international phenomenon involving a new generation of artists who produce and perform their own music. "Live" brings together artists from the visual arts who see music as a practical field for creating, interacting with others and spreading their work, drawn as they are by the power of a medium that brings rebellion and anticonformity.

Visual arts and music are indeed truly inseparable, complementary entities, as the experience of certain artists or movements makes quite clear, from Dada and Fluxus to Martin Kippenberger, Mike Kelley and Pan Sonic, not to mention Andy Warhol and Yoko Ono. The history of rock and other current types of music is closely linked with art. Many of our icons from the music scene spent some time in art school, like the Beatles, the Who, Led Zeppelin, the Sex Pistols, David Bowie or more recently Fisher Spooner, Miss Kittin, ReadyMade, or Jay-Jay Johansson, transposing their attitudes into musical manifestos.

Today, the process is spreading, developing and asserting itself against an electro/rock/pop background. We now see show openings with DJs or music videos, exhibitions with sound performances, gatherings at nightclubs and concerts boasting video projections. Music is a new territory for plastic expression in the same way that photography, video and installation art have been. And music allows an artist to promote an immediate rapport with the audience through works that are full of energy, instinctive, live.

The artists who have been invited to get "Live" going grab music and use it like an artist's material having close ties with their visual work. "Live" is organized and constructed like an event in progress, a music festival in and oudoors bringing together, over the course of 45 days, video clips, concerts, music performances, DJ sets, photographs, installations and wall paintings. "Live" will cover a vast field of musical trends that is representative of the present landscape and which the invited artists are reviving or reinventing, including pop tunes of yesterday, rap, rock-electro or electro-pop and experimental forms.

"Live" is also an evolving show that will continue to develop in both time and space, evolving and growing with each artist's contribution. All of it coming to you live.

Exhibition curator: Jérôme Sans Jérôme Sans is the curator of the show. His work to date has also involved the field of music. He has been active in bringing together music and the visual arts by producing videos and organizing events in clubs (Milk, B4, Twin's, Rex, etc.), and is currently developing a project called Liquid Architecture that blends visual arts and music. For 15 years he has also been mounting exhibitions with musicians and DJs (Gerwald Rockenschaub in Venice, Sidney Stucki and Hanayo in Taipei, Dal Paran in Seoul, Cosmophonic in Tokyo, Alex Kid in Berlin, Tobias Bernstrup and Jay-Jay Johansson in Stockholm, etc.).

with the collaboration of Akiko Miki, Marc Sanchez, Claire Staebler, Aurélie Voltz, assisted by Daria Joubert and Elodie Royer Pressetext


mit AÏ , Tobias Bernstrup, Hsia-Fei Chang, Chicks on Speed , Carles Congost, Martin Creed, Echopark , Vincent Epplay, erikm , Exchpoptrue , Janine Gordon, Alexander Györfi, Hanayo , Kyupi Kyupi, Richard D. James, Arnaud Maguet, Daniel Pflumm, Prototypes , Gerwald Rockenschaub, Paul D. Miller, Stereo Total , Annika Ström, Sidney Stucki, Terrestre vs Plankton Man vs Falcon