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LIVING AND WORKING IN VIENNA opens at the Austrian Cultural Forum on April 25, 2005. The group exhibition features artists who live and work in Vienna. The show reflects on cultural and spatial memory as shaped by film, art, architecture, and global industries of image making. While each of the selected works considers specific locations, histories, and cultural genres, each also animates a translocal dialogue that complicates our sense of what it means to live and work in Vienna today.

The exhibition is curated by Trevor Smith, Curator at the New Museum of Contemporary Art. In cooperation with KUNSTHALLE wien


only in german

Kurator Trevor Smith

mit Carola Dertnig, Fabrics Interseason , Richard Hoeck & John Miller, Sabina Hortner, Marko Lulic, Dorit Margreiter, David Moises, Josh Muller, Klaus Pobitzer