press release

The exhibition focuses on the post revolution generation in Tehran; home to a large, self-sustaining, vibrant and progressive art community. Drawn in by art’s intrinsic, hermetic codes - both visual and formal - its space is sought out by an astounding number of students for its ability to allow for expression. Multiple media spanning from more traditional forms to graphic design and video are employed and included in this presentation.

The contemporary in the Islamic Republic is characterized, in its majority, by suspension and mutual tension, where neither party, state nor individual, can move too much or overstep their boundaries for fear of upsetting the balance. Iranian culture itself is defined by a long-term perspective and resistance, not short-term conflict. Thus, the resulting art is not blatantly revolutionary in either method or purpose, but rather uses humor as a trenchant tool; finally, it is this very tautness in society and psyche, that makes for a rich and fertile field, nurtured rather than stifled or limited, by its contradictions.