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The Hellenic American Union presented an exhibition entitled “Lost in Translation”, containing works by 14 Greek and foreign artists. The artists whose works were exhibited include Erika Baglyas - Wolfgang Berkowski - Common Culture - Anne Daems - Seamus Farrell - Graham Gussin - Spyros Papadopoulos - Artemis Potamianou - Alexandros Psychoulis - Georgia Sagri - Pietro Sanguineti - Peter Suchin - Magnus Thierfelder - Kostis Velonis.

Peoples’ private life is not protected and does not remain private. Reality shows and information to which anyone has access to on the Internet have transformed private life into a public spectacle. Private life remains a personal matter only if the general public has no interest in it. Artemis Potamianou, the curator of the exhibition, and the Hellenic American Union invited 14 European artists to explore these boundaries between the private and the public and to exhibit their own perspectives.

Lost in Translation
14 European artists explore the boundaries between the public and the private

mit Erika Baglyas, Wolfgang Berkowski, Common Culture , Anne Daems, Seamus Farrell, Graham Gussin, Spyros Papadopoulos, Artemis Potamianou, Alexandros Psychoulis, Georgia Sagri, Pietro Sanguineti, Peter Suchin, Magnus Thierfelder, Kostis Velonis