press release

Lothar Götz' practice revels in hard-edge rigour, clear-cut forms and a colour-with-confidence attitude. Each new work by Götz possesses a colour-coding system that is developed in response to a site's particular physical qualities. Götz' work bears a crucial relationship to architecture - his paintings locate and define space, revealing hidden structural properties to the viewer.

Forever Young, Lothar Götz' commission for Chisenhale Gallery, is a striking wall-based painting that uses boldly coloured forms in response to the gallery's spectacular industrial architecture. The experience of the work is much like being inside a hard-edged abstract painting, a strategy compounded by Götz' use of the gallery's beamed ceiling in the work.

With Forever Young, Götz plays with the boundaries that exist between painting, architecture, sculpture, design and decoration. The artist is fundamentally concerned with creating a 'whole' unit, a classic unity of form – but a form that does not make the viewer passive. Götz has said, “with my work, the viewer is within the painting, and looking out of the painting”.

Lothar Götz was born in Germany and studied in Wuppertal and Düsseldorf there before going to the Royal College of Art, London where he gained his MA. He has exhibited internationally and has had solo shows in London at The Economist, Gasworks, and was commissioned by Transport for London to create an installation for the underground station at Piccadilly Circus.

Lothar Götz. Forever Young