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It is a great pleasure to present Lothar Hempel's (*1966) first solo show in Berlin.

The artist shows a new installation, entitled Diamonds, that consists of different ‚components'. The interrelation of the works is the main issue and creates a theatrical scene. The artist himself says: "It is the moment ‚Now' that is questioned from a bulky historical perspective. How did we become what we are and in which way can we change?"

On display are two colourful tile pieces, reminiscent of the design that was used for decorating railway stations in the 30´s. "They function as backgrounds for utopian situations that won't be expected anymore."

A monumental white wooden wheel is attached to the wall and juts into the space. The title of this piece is Implosion. "It's a concentration of repressive aesthetic experience and functions also as a setting. It is a statement and suggestion at the same time that can transform the visitor into a participating actor."

The video Ikarus, features two women that are posing like in a silent film. They sing in a backyard for money and have a 'bizarre experience'. The video looks like a cinematic dream.

Four acrylic paintings depict fictitious personalities or appropriate historical characters. Dora Diamant, for example, refers to Kafka's last girlfriend. Citation: Kafka studied the Torah and Talmud with Dora; both were dreaming of opening up a small restaurant in Tel Aviv: Dora, inexperienced in the household should have been working in the kitchen and the unhandy, weak Kafka should have served the guests.

Three crocheted wool diamonds that are pinned to the wall "range between folklore and modernism". A poster with three fictitious texts, written by the artist himself, is displayed in the gallery. It could be described as the "inner script" of the show.

Lothar Hempel currently has an exhibition in the Dallas Art Museum, USA (until October). Further on he will open a solo show at the ICA, London, in September 2002. Pressetext

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Lothar Hempel - Diamanten