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Luc Tuymans returns this summer at De Pont Museum In 1995, De Pont in Tilburg organized the first exhibition in the Netherlands of the work of the Belgian painter Luc Tuymans. This summer, the now world-famous artist returns to Tilburg with a second overview, which he appropriately gave the title The Return.

With this exhibition, which will be opened on 29 June, Hendrik Driessen, director of De Pont, says goodbye to the museum he has been visiting since.

The exhibition, which is being put together in very close collaboration with the artist, will include some fifty paintings from the period 1975 to the present, including some recent works that have never been seen before.

The Return is one of the two major Tuyman exhibitions. to be seen in Europe this summer. In addition to the one at De Pont, he is also working on his first solo in Italy, which starts on March 24 at Palazzo Grassi in Venice. Press release: Luc Tuymans returns to De Pont

About the artist:
Luc Tuymans (Mortsel, 1958), as a starting artist, mainly focused on film, but gradually painting became more popular. For a long time he worked outside the spotlight until, at the end of the 1980s, he thought it was time to go outside. He soon became successful, especially after he took part in the 1992 Documenta organized by Jan Hoet. Violence often brews in his early paintings, which, although not on screen, is nevertheless alarmingly present. In the later work the references to it become less explicit, but his paintings still evoke a certain inconvenience for the viewer. His work continues to seduce you and even though you come close to its possible meaning, it will never completely reveal its secret.