press release

Lustwarande 2017 'Disruption - Remapping Nature'
24.06.2017 - 24.09.2017
Opening: 24.06.2017

Participating artists:
Lionel Estève (FR) - Sven Fritz (NL) - Paul Geelen (NL) -Tue Greenfort (DK) - Henrik Håkansson (SU) - Antti Laitinen (FI) - Zeger Reyers (NL) - Martin Schwenk (DE) - Egied Simons (NL) - Maarten Vanden Eynde (BE)

Lustwarande from the Foundation Fundament again comes with an exhibition in the Oude Warande. This time the exhibition is called 'Disruption - Remapping Nature' and starts on Saturday 24 June 2017.

A special background for this exhibition is the interest in art in nature. The organization says: "The sudden, renewed interest in the last few years for explicitly directed to nature-oriented 'currents' such as Land Art, Eco Art and Bio Art, as well as the relationship between art and nature in general, is remarkable. but this certainly does not come out of the blue. "" This renewed interest can be explained superficially in the light of the return to the small-scale and the local, the rediscovery of what 'primal' is and the pursuit of sustainability. a step on the spot, a rethinking of our ethical values ​​from the realization that the earth is not inexhaustible. "

'Disruption - Remapping Nature' focuses on a group of European artists who each focus on the concept of nature in their own oeuvre.

From different conceptual frameworks, the artists individually shed light on the way in which contemporary man perceives, defines and relates nature.

The organization: "The challenge in this exhibition is not only in bringing together new works by a specific group of artists on an extremely topical theme, but especially in presenting these reflections on art and nature in the" natural "context of De Oude Warande Where does the concept of nature cease and the notion of culture starts? "

'Disruption - Remapping Nature' opens on Saturday 24 June and lasts until 24 September 2017.