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In cooperation with the National Archives and Delft University of Technology, Kunsthal Rotterdam presents a versatile family exhibition on Dutch inventions and innovations.

By means of inventive designs and models, very diverse film material, patents and refined drawings it becomes clear why and how the Dutch invent and innovate. In a surprising way the exhibition shows how all sorts of problems have been solved over the centuries, how new products are tested and how small designs can change a society. Young and old visitors are encouraged not only to test models and to improve products but also to come up with their very own innovative plans.

Voyage of Discovery The Kunsthal takes visitors on a voyage of discovery alongside Dutch products and techniques. Together with models and designs from TU Delft, the collection of patents and drawings from the National Archives from the period between 1580 and 1990 forms an impressive survey of all that Dutch inventors and designers have created over the centuries. Drawings by famous inventors like Simon Stevin and Jan Adriaanszoon Leeghwater are put on display next to inventions like the ever so ingenious and wind firm SENZ storm umbrella and the emergency telephone pole by industrial designers from Delft. In a wind turbine the visitors are invited to test whether the umbrella is really as storm proof as it is claimed to be. Moreover, an ingenious machine is present at the exhibition to teach them how to ‘swim'.

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