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Makiko Kudo was born in 1978 in Aomori, Japan. She has graduated from Joshibi University of Art and Design (Oil Painting Department) in 2002, and she is now working based in Tokyo. Her main exhibitions are (NADiff, Tokyo, 2002/ Marianne Boesky Gallery, New York, 2004), (Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery), (University of California, Berkeley Art Museum &Pacific Film Archive, 2004), and (Green Naftali Gallery, New York, 2005). After the exhibition in 2003, it becomes her second time solo exhibition at Tomio Koyama Gallery.

Things that she met in daily life and her own imaginations are related and a mysterious mindscape has spread into her paintings. Her very familiar sweet motifs are girls, kittens, birds, forest, flowering plants, and bed, which are sprinkled disorderly. Her own choice of motif with strong girl character is seemingly seen in the modern, but on the other hand it can be said that her paintings are used a classic style of painting. The depth of painting is abstractly made and its flatness is existed with several perspects, three-dimensional colors is painted out to the screen as it is.

In contemporary art, painting seems to be less valued than the other, but there were the revival of the paintings exhibitions in several places. One of the painting exhibition that is held in Berkeley Art Museum has presented the landscape paintings of the contemporary art. Participated artists of this exhibition were Swedish artist, Karin Mamma Anderson, American artist, Amy Cutler and other countries from Germany, Poland, and Australia. In addition, exhibition of is held by Green Naftali Gallery in this year. Dana Schutz, Mary Heilmann, and Laura Owens, whose Kudo was shocked by her works, were gathered in this exhibition.

The most characteristic of Kudoユs painting is the chaotic dynamism which her own experiments in daily life and dreamy imagination are integrated. One of her panting , the frame of the shrine pavilion combines with blue sky and effuses to a full screen like water. The girls with big eyes and kittens are merged to each others and dancing airily within the canvas. is also her painting which a lonely expression girl stands alone in the vermilion colored grass field. The background of her looks a shadow of the abstract forest or a big cat leans over to the girl. It is wild birdユs wing that appointing and dismissing in a red bloody grass field. These wing-like patterns look if birds defense their body from the enemy, like poisoned insects.

I always yearn to health -- this is what Kudo has said. She goes out by her bicycle to wherever she wants. The views that her eyes catch is always adjoining to the ground and her paintings are filled with her dearest small things and her own unconsciousness. What she wish is something likes a dream but she also wishes to set her foots on the ground. Please do feel her world of leaping imagination in this exhibition.


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Makiko Kudo