press release

The upcoming group show in Gallery Faurschou, Making Visible, will be presenting some of the most interesting contemporary artists that have caught international attention in the past decade for their aesthetically striking and intellectually stimulating works.

Using different artistic strategies such as video, film, photo, sculpture, and installation these artists work conceptually and consciously with art's capacity to affect our sensory experiences, and hence to explore notions of perception, states of mind, visual constructions, time and space.

Using sound, light, text, everyday objects, organic substances, advanced technical equipment etc. in their aesthetically delicate works these artists seem very conscious of art's ability to open our minds. Their different aesthetic expressions serve not only to make "pleasure", but as much to move the viewer from sensation to meaning, from affection to perception, from surface to intellectual reflection.

As in the words of the French philosopher Merleau-Ponty strong art works do "not merely re-produce the visible; it makes visible". Our intellect is grounded in our bodily being, and perception is not only an empirical sensation but always dependent of the conscious subject.

The participating artists in Making Visible underline in their works this relationship between our physical senses and intellectual ideas. Rich in form and contents their works show arts ability of evoking narratives, knowledge, insight, imaging, and dreaming.


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mit Wim Delvoye, Cerith Wyn Evans, Tony Matelli, Rivane Neuenschwander, Tony Oursler, Kristin Oppenheim, Erik Parker, Pipilotti Rist