press release

The inaugural exhibition celebrates the new MAM and the museum supporters, patrons, staff and Board of Directors whose vision and dedication made this incredible dream come true. In celebrating, we salute the citizens, museum supporters and staff members who have labored over the past 31 years to make this museum a professional, accredited, and accessible state-of-the-art facility.

The inaugural exhibitions represent these years of generosity featuring hundreds of recent gifts and promised gifts to the MAM Collection. The exhibition showcases the expanded and improved gallery spaces, and illustrates MAM’s collection mission. Remarkably, every work on view in this inaugural exhibition was given by an artist, a collector, or purchased with funds donated by MAM supporters. In choosing to open with the new and promised gifts to the Collection, the museum is drawing attention to its foundation of dynamic community support. Missoula, welcome to your new museum!

Dr. Sharon Alexander, President, MAM Board of Directors

The exhibition includes works by artists such as regional favorites like Rudy Autio, Jaune Quick-to-See Smith, Terry Melton and Ken Little. Many more artists who are significant to the cultural fabric of the region are included.


MAM Unwrapped

mit Rudy Autio, James Bailey, John Buck, Elizabeth Dove, Todd James, Jacob Lawrence, Ken Little, Beth Lo, Cathryn Mallory, Terry Melton, Sheila Miles, Wes Mills, Lee Morrison, Jaune Quick-to-See Smith, Jerry Rankin, Lisa Reihana, Italo Scanga, Inez Storer, Peter Voulkos, Melanie Yazzie, Lulu Yee, Patrick Zentz ...