press release

Clifford-Smith Gallery is pleased to announce its October 2003 exhibition of new work by Marco Breuer. After a decade of working in black and white photography, Marco Breuer has turned his attention to photographic color material. By subjecting color paper to a range of erosive treatments, Breuer quite literally forces color out of the material, turning photography itself into a physical act.

The images in And/Or constitute a manifestation of a series of physical activities and their optical translations. They are created through a cycle of imaging and re-imaging:: shifts in scale and color, moving from positive to negative, going in and out of focus - with every image possibly being the result of a previous one.   As the paper gathers photographic and physical information, entropy is traced: marks degrade, details are replaced by a range of optical elements - loss of focus, light leaks, over- and under-exposure, and other indicators of photographic events. The result is a negotiation of space: the illusionistic space of photography versus the concrete space of the physical mark. The final images are in fact without referent in the physical world.


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Marco Breuer