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For three weeks, during the foundation's usual opening times, artists Marie Cool and Fabio Balducci will take over part of the exhibition space at la maison rouge for continuous periods of 9 or 11 hours, with movements and actions, repeated over and over by Marie Cool, or with a projection of videos showing actions that are not performed live.

Far from being a physical performance, Marie Cool's actions are an exploration of extreme simplicity, duration and the elongation of time.

"Cool and Balducci's work inheres not in the world of signs, codes or concept, but in the shocking elementariness of matter. As such, their actions are articulated not in the register of the image or representation, but rather as expressions (…) Slipping deliberately through the interstices produced by the historical division of intellectual and affective cognition, the actions are neither descriptive nor demonstrative; they engage, quite simply, with the 'nothing that is' (Giorgio Colli)." excerpt from Amanda Crawley Jackson's text for the exhibition Marie Cool Fabio Balducci at the Site Gallery (Sheffield, England) 2008.

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Marie Cool & Fabio Balducci
Untitled (2004-2008)