press release

I'm Not Much But I'm All I Think About (2011), a single-channel projection by New York–based artist Marilyn Minter, is the latest installment in CAM's Street Views series of large-scale video works projected on the Museum's facade. Simultaneously humorous and self-consciously narcissistic, the film features an oozing gray liquid, its mesmerizing undulations evoking the bubbling of a hot spring or pool of molten lava. The letters M and E descend from above and rupture the metallic liquid surface, slowly becoming submerged. This process continues with subtle variations, the letters alternately appearing in silver and gold, as well as in the form of M&M candies. The letters rotate, spelling the word "ME" but also "MM"—the artist's initials. This work, like much of Minter's practice, plays with ideas of identity, anxiety, and bravura.