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We are proud to present Marilyn Minter’s second solo show at the gallery. Minter lives and works in New York and her critically acclaimed work has been seen in numerous exhibitions both in USA and Europe. Upcoming projects include a solo exhibition at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art in 2005.

Marilyn Minter’s earlier work addressed pornography, media and power. Her brightly coloured paintings were sexual in a way that caused something of an aesthetic firestorm in the early 90s, when she and artists like Sue Williams were labelled as the first “bad-girls”. In 1995/96 she presented a black and white photo series of her mother called “Coral Ridge Towers”. The photos were shot 30 years earlier when Marilyn Minter still was a student in Florida. It portrays her mother, who almost never left her apartment, living a solitary life under the influence of alcohol and pills.

In her new works on view at the gallery, she continues to emphasize the ambiguous, working with extreme close-ups of body parts and distortions of form, space and colour. Her enamel on metal paintings and photographs examine the pathology of artifice and glamour. Whereas her photographs work as oddball counterparts to the easily identifiable language of fashion advertising, her paintings, amplified by a hyper-glossy enamel surface and a hands-on realism, brutally reconstruct an unsettling desire. Marilyn Minter switches back and forth between her two mediums to investigate a similar iconography.


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Marilyn Minter