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MARK DION. CONCERNING HUNTING expresses all the fascination exerted on the American artist Mark Dion by the phenomenon of hunting. Inherent contradictions aside, the artist is interested in hunting in terms of the sensitivity of the hunter and the profound knowledge he has of nature. A fact that stands out as a paradox in the light of the death of the animals involved.

Five hunting blinds, six standards in felt which portray animal prey, a series of around 100 photographs from different times and places, each in a different style and with a different frame, put on show together here as a large wall installation and a selection of preparatory sketches, for a project on the practice or the tradition of hunting, which may be read either as a cultural practice, or as a "passionate activity, traditionally rich and yet full of controversies"

The show is the result of an international collaboration project between Denmark, Austria, Germany and Italy, and is one of the five stops of an exhibition tour which is adapted and modified on the basis of the conditions of each of the institutions that host it: the Kunstraum Dornbirn (Austria, April 2008), the Aarhus Kunstbygning (Denmark, June 2008), Herbert-Gerisch-Stiftung Neumünster, (Germany, May 2009) and at the Kunsthalle Krems, (Austria, November 2009).

The exhibition is curated by the Head of the Kunsthalle Krems, Dieter Buchhart as well as by Verena Gamper and will be accompanied by a bilingual catalogue, printed by Hatje Cantz, featuring a wide range of images of the works on show, and critical texts by Dieter Buchhart, Verena Gamper, Martin Henatsch, Angela Vettese and Jacob Wamberg.

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Mark Dion. Concerning Hunting
Kuratoren: Dieter Buchhart, Verena Gamper

08.11.09 - 14.02.10 Kunsthalle Krems
16.05.09 - 11.10.09 Herbert-Gerisch Stiftung, Neumünster
01.02.09 - 26.04.09 Galleria Civica Modena
28.06.08 - 19.10.08 Aarhus Kunstbygning
04.04.08 - 01.06.08 Kunstraum Dornbirn