Museo MADRE, Naples

MADRE MUSEUM | Via Settembrini 79
80139 Naples

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The first solo exhibition in an Italian public institution devoted to Mark Leckey. curated by ELENA FILIPOVIC, ANDREA VILIANI

Organized by the Madre in collaboration with WIELS, Brussels, and Haus der Kunst, Munich, Mark Leckey. DESIDERATA (in media res) is the first retrospective, as well as the first solo exhibition in an Italian public institution, devoted to Mark Leckey (Birkenhead, 1964), one of the most influential contemporary artists, winner in 2008 of the prestigious Turner Prize of the Tate Britain in London, and the Central Art Award of the Kölnischer Kunstverein in Cologne. Revealing the profound and seminal influence that the British artist has had on subsequent generations of artists, the exhibition presents, along with new productions, a wide selection of historical works realized in each of the media used by Leckey – sculpture, installation, sound works and environments, performances and videos – installed in a unitary course conceived for the spaces of the museum as a progressive series of interiors.