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Marking Time, 1995-2005: Contemporary Art From Chile features eleven major new acquisitions to the Blanton Museum Latin American Collection. Few of the artists in this exhibition have shown internationally, and for many, this is their first US presentation. All these works were created after the fall of the Pinochet dictatorship in 1989, and reflect Chile's negotiation with a democratic process. In contrast to the previous generation (Eugenio Dittborn, Gonzalo Diaz, Alfredo Jaar, and others), these works do not necessarily refer explicitly to a political situation, but rather navigate through a web of personal, poetic, social, artistic, and existential concerns. In the words of one of the artists, contemporary Chilean art can be understood as "an attempt to portray the ambiguous, confusing, intimate, and emotional side of the class struggle."

This exhibition continues and deepens the Blanton Museum's commitment to expanding the discussion of contemporary art by bringing the work of some of the most challenging Latin American artists to US audiences.


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Marking Time, 1995-2005: Contemporary Art From Chile

mit Magdalena Atria, Isabel del Rio, Josefina Fontecilla, Nury Gonzalez, Josefina Guilisasti, Ignacio Gumucio, Voluspa Jarpa, Pablo Rivera, Alvaro Oyarzun, Bernardo Oyarzun, Malu Stewart