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A work of art has always been realized as the mark of something that an artist has done. But we have been closing our eyes at this very natural fact. A torn canvas, spattered paints, mark of an artist´s hand on the canvas. After the 1950s, most of the images in the mainstreams of contemporary art were realized as a result of cause and effect and not of images of something, thus, it is not incidental that the body and materials were vividly stamped on the work. The exhibition tries to verify the development of postwar art from a viewpoint of marks and lights various tendencies and artists from a new angle; Abstract Expressionism, Neo Dada, Vienna Actionism and Conceptual Art in Europe and America and the artists of the Gutai Art Association and Yomiuri Independent Exhibition as well as the Mono-ha and post Mono-ha in Japan. Pressetext

Marks - Body and Idea in Postwar Art
Koorganisation: The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo