press release

Marti Anson. A Straight Exhibition

February 20–May 23, 2021

Martí Anson proposes an exhibition under construction, without rules or explanations. The only starting point is to break with chronological and spatial linearity in order to introduce the creative process inside the room—the more anonymous the better. Anson places the visitor inside the artistic practice, which takes place in constant and unpredictable transformation during the exhibition. Hence the title, A Straight Exhibition, as it takes shape and meaning as time goes by, like life itself.

This exhibition cannot be seen from a distance, it can only be experienced in time and from within. To enter means to leave aside contemplation and decide whether we want to participate in this game that runs from parody to heresy, from critical reflection to action. As W. Eugène Smith once said: “I didn't write the rules, why should I follow them?”

Can we think of an exhibition as a collective practice? What happens if the message is not fixed in advance? Is it possible for it to be made and unmade? The question is not what innovative idea or presentation we make of the artist's works, but how we can activate them, make them available, and so motivate a common use of the exhibition space.

Martí Anson (Mataró, 1967) is accustomed to playing with the participation of other artists and the surprise of the public. He approaches his works and exhibitions as constructions, architectures capable of receiving other languages and facing unexpected results. Most recent projects include The Catalan Pavilion, Anonymous Architect (Palais de Tokyo, Paris; Fundació Suñol, Barcelona; Beaufort Biennial, Belgium), and La Botiga de l'Anson (MACBA, Barcelona; Be-Part Waregem, Belgium).