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Keegan and Quinlan have been friends for over a decade. This collaboration is rooted in their ongoing dialogue and features works made by the artists both collaboratively and individually in a variety of media, including video, photography, painting and sculpture. Meditating on the intersection of their private and professional lives, the artists were prompted to pose questions about spirituality, health and lifestyle. Such concerns help shed the specific and intimate parameters of this exhibition and move it into a space of generative abstraction. What areas of our lives demand constant or daily practice? How might we locate sustained political engagement while moving through the mundane cycles of morning, noon and night?

Leading up to Y? O! G... A., the artists kept their focus on the present, but all the while feeling the weight of the past and pull of the future on their lives: The Freedom Tower is becoming part of the skyline, the Occupy movement had its first birthday, and the 57th US presidential election will take place during the run of this exhibition. Corresponding with these developments is their increasing awareness of the strata of generations, artistic and personal, whose different approaches to art and life must be seen in relationship to shifting political and social realities. Curated by Matthew Lyons.

In conjunction with the exhibition, free yoga classes originally scheduled for Election Day will now take place on Tuesday, December 11. There will be a 10AM prenatal yoga class in the morning followed by a 6pm restorative yoga class at the end of the day. Classes are free. Each class will be available to the first 10 people who sign up here: These classes will be private, and the gallery will not be open to the general public at these times.

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Matt Keegan & Eileen Quinlan
Y? O! G... A.