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Gallery Klosterfelde is happy to announce that Matt Mullican (born 1951, lives and works in New York) will show a part of his installation "Learning from that Person`s Work" initially conceived for the Ludwig Museum in Cologne earlier this year. It consists of a labyrinthian architecture made out of linen bed sheets hanging from the ceiling onto which a broad collection of photographs, drawings and paintings on paper are mounted. Those as well as the additional objects, video- and audio pieces were made by Mullican partially when he was under hypnosis, who at this state took on the identity of "that person". The piece therefore directly relates to the exhibition "Psycho-Set" shown at Klosterfelde in 2001 where Mullican made a live performance under hypnosis.

Since the beginning of his artistic career in the early 1970s Mullicans work deals with questions of perception of reality, fiction and the imaginary and the possibilities of its representation. It is the rich world of experiences and visual information which Mullican aims to structurize and categorize encyclopaedically in a huge arsenal of images and signs - however conscious he is about the necessary incompleteness of his project. For this he uses as diverse media as drawings, photographs, flags, glass- and stone sculptures, light boxes, bulletins, computer generated city scapes, and video. The hypnosis performances which he started in the 1970s are central to Matt Mullicans practice. For him they provide the possibility to "enter the picture" as he puts it, and they are connected to his early stick figure drawings and sculptures as well as to his cosmologies - his charts to visualize his understanding of the world from the material up to the symbolic - and to his virtual city plans and his work on architecture. "That person" to which Mullican ascribes the authorship of the exhibited works, is more than a specific person a modus operandi, an experimental framework with which the artist in a state of his own otherness can immerge into a fictionalized form, be it of another age or another gender, and scrutinize the imaginary in its relation to constructed images, objects and spaces around us.

In addition to the installation there will also be on view a selection of virtual videos as well as drawings and photographs by Matt Mullican.


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Matt Mullican
Two Rooms Learning from that Person`s Work
Zimmerstr. 90/91