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In the course of more than four decades, Matti Kujasalo has been systematically developing his philosophy, which is based on constructivist art. He has constructed a visual grammar with its own particular rules. At once sensitive and powerfully expressive, it is mercilessly logical and startlingly full of surprises.

Apart from experiences, art should also awaken questions. This is an objective superbly achieved by Matti Kujasalo. Kujasalo’s art is based on an extremely disciplined use of a stringently reduced range of expressive devices. His work demonstrates the observation, familiar from mathematics and future research, that chaos does not equal disorder. Chaos is a special form of order, a complex order.

Kujasalo’s philosophy and practice are based on international influences. The crucial factor for him was a trip, made as early as 1967, to the United States, to New York and Chicago, where Kujasalo viewed many new works of American abstract art. The most lasting impression was made by the works of Ad Reinhardt and Josef Albers with their tonally homogenous surfaces.

“When I began playing around with the elements and scales of surfaces, and ended up using just black and white to paint, I began seeing black and white also as colours. The starting point is not the system. My work is governed by a visual image in my mind, which I try to represent systematically. And this is the interesting thing: the result cannot be imagined in advance.”

Matti Kujasalo remains one of the most international of all Finnish artists. He has had solo exhibitions in leading European galleries and museums in Germany, Switzerland, Hungary and Italy, and has exhibited at the Art Basel, Art Forum Berlin, FIAC, Art Hong Kong and Art Basel Miami Beach art fairs. He has works in prestigious public and private collections in Finland, Scandinavia, Europe and the United States.

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Matti Kujasalo