press release

Starting October 1st, Argos and KVS will welcome Meeting Points 6, a multidisciplinary festival in collaboration with the Young Arab Theatre Fund. The sixth edition of the festival entitled: Locus Agonistes: Practices and Logics of the Civic, and is curated by Okwui Enwezor.

Brussels is the second stop for this transnational multidisciplinary festival designed to tour several historical cities in the Arab World after its launch in Beirut in April 2011.

The festival lands in Brussels for the second time (after its 5th edition that was curated by Frie Leysen in 2008) at a key moment in the history of the Arab World, where the struggle of civic forces has recently reached a critical point.

Through its exhibitionary, performative and discursive aspects, MP6 explores aesthetic strategies and ways that contemporary representations advance concepts of civic imagination and struggle.

The current events of the Arab Spring have thrown a fresh light on the renewal of the aspirations of Arab societies as historical subjects.

The collapse of the regimes in Egypt and Tunisia and the tottering regimes in Libya, Syria, and Yemen has further exposed the urgent civic demands of diverse populations across the entire Middle East. While the events of change, transformation, and renewal move beyond the frontiers of reform, future new horizons are already being imagined and constructed.

As Okwui Enwezor stated: “Today the situation of the struggle between civic forces cannot be localized in one particular part of the world. Nor can the effects of popular disenchantment be confined within specific contemporary practice”. Therefore, Meeting Points is not simply limited to the presentation of Arab artists but also takes their contemporary practices as its starting point.

These contemporary art practices, politics and transformation respond as much to the resistance movements in the Middle East, as they engage with other diverse global antagonisms, including the rise against the far right in Europe and other emancipatory logics that construct today’s societies.

Meeting Points 6
Marathon of Monologues
Kurator: Okwui Enwezor

Künstler: Adel Abdessemed, Saadane Afif, Doa Aly, Tarek Atoui, Allora & Calzadilla , Stan Douglas, Mounir Fatmi, Mona Hatoum, Bouchra Khalili, Sandra Madi, Basim Magdy, Rima Maroun, Tino Sehgal, Jalal Toufic, Radhouane El Meddeb, Hafis Dhau / Aicha M´Barek, Selma & Sofiane Ouissi.

27.04.2011 - 11.05.2011 Beirut Art Center
27.04.2011 - 04.05.2011 Makan Art Space
01.10.2011 - 18.12.2011 argos, Brüssel
12.01.2012 - 14.01.2012 Haus der Kulturen, Berlin
07.03.2012 - 11.03.2012 Onassis Cultural Centre