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Throckmorton Fine Art is pleased to announce the upcoming exhibition, Men of Mexico: Photographs by Manuel Alvarez Bravo (1902 – 2002), Hector Garcia (b. 1923), Edward Weston (1886 – 1958), Fritz Henle (1909 – 1993), and Gerardo Suter (b. 1957).

A stunning selection of images captured by an extraordinary group of men who are radically distinctive within the field of fine art photography. Each artist provides a unique view of Mexican culture, from Manual Alvarez Bravo's vintage work exposing the social and political climate of post-revolutionary Mexico to the enigmatic landscapes and dramatic tableaux featuring nude figures made with masks and other props created by Gerardo Suter. Collectively displaying photographs by these artists demonstrates many parallels in their lives and work. During his stay in Mexico, Edward Weston began a new direction while maturing as an artist, and through the suggestion of Tina Modotti, Manuel Alvarez Bravo showed his work to Edward Weston, a meeting that undoubtedly had a profound effect on the images he was creating. Hector Garcia studied with Manuel Alvarez Bravo at the Institute of Arts and Contemporary Cinematography, and in 1945 began working as a photojournalist in Mexico and abroad. Fritz Henle first saw Mexico in 1936. Impressed by the paradoxical country with its centuries-old culture and revolution into modernism, he began plans for a photographic essay. Gerardo Suter, born in Argentina, has been living in Mexico since 1970 and is considered one of Mexico's most original, artistic voices. Each of these men has examined Mexico with a critical, yet sympathetic eye. En masse, their relevance to the history of photography in Mexico is evident.


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Fotografien von Manuel Alvarez Bravo, Hector Garcia, Edward Weston, Fritz Henle, Gerardo Suter