press release

The sublime and spiritual, which is fundamental to our human sensibility, tends to have little significance to a contemporary art market increasingly preoccupied with materialistic values. Also the ironic character of much contemporary art is diametrically opposed to the spiritual impulse.

Metaphysical is an exhibition of works by eight very different contemporary artists that aims to convey an experience of transcending materiality with an abstract sense of the spiritual without alluding to any specific religion.

Metaphysical is an intriguing term that is not easily defined but it’s about things that are thought to exist but cannot be seen, a kind of reality beyond what is perceptible to the senses. The word is a combination of "meta-" (beyond) "physical" (nature) that suggests something supernatural or outside everyday experience or knowledge.

This exhibition by prominent international artists involves works in different mediums that aim to express this aura of the metaphysical.

Participating artists: Rina Banerjee, Paul Benney, Adam Fuss, Gonkar Gyatso, Michael Joo, Jason Martin, Chiharu Shiota, Kiki Smith.