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Mia Feuer's "Stress Cone" is a special *gogo art projects exhibition featuring a large, site-specific sculptural installation modeled on electrical transformer stations. Feuer stated that she drew conceptual inspiration for this work from Michelangelo's depiction of matter receiving the spark of life in the Creation scene on the Sistine Chapel ceiling. By suspending a complex structure of muscular forms from the gallery's ceiling, the artist created a disarming presence in the gallery that may feel to viewers both familiar and disorienting. Feuer punctuated her industrial imagery, combining protruding vertical beams and pressure tanks, that allude to biological generation, with hot-colored elements and electrical insulators that may trigger emotional associations. She further enlivened the massive structure by representing clusters of water-dwelling leaches that appear to cling to and spread over the electrical structure.

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Mia Feuer
Stress Cone