press release

Miles of Creativity
18.11.2017 - 18.02.2018

Featuring creatives: Beacon Garage, Trish Bermingham, Lin Cummins, Tim Dickinson, Nick Elphick, Glyn Ellis, Julia S. Greaves, Lizzie Hughes, Mark Hughes, Anna Jones, Richard Cynan Jones, Patrick Joseph, Judith Bond Cakes, Barry Morris, North Wales Vapour, Pea J. Restall, Miguel Roque, Alana Tyson, Alan Whitfield, Susan Williams, Wild Horse Brewery, Emrys Williams, Gwyn Williams, Sandra Wynne

Miles of Creativity is a group exhibition that explores the creative act and its relationship to the town of Llandudno, and brings together work by artists and by creative people working in trades not traditionally shown in an art gallery. The result of a curatorial survey of the area immediately surrounding the gallery, the exhibition embraces a wider view of creativity and interdisciplinary thinking, less concerned with questioning what is and what is not "art" than with celebrating creativity, differing notions of which can co-exist side by side in the most unexpected and unintended of places.

This exhibition has been curated by Adam Carr, Visual Arts Programme Curator, MOSTYN.