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From April to July 2004, and scheduled to coincide with the exhibition of Delacroix's Dante and Virgil in the Inferno organized by the Department of Painting, a selection of drawings and watercolours illustrating Dante's Divine Comedy are shown in the Salle d'Actualité of the Department of Graphic Arts. A total of sixty works are exhibited on a revolving basis: in April, works related to the Inferno, in May, Purgatory and in June, Paradise. These drawings completed by Miquel Barceló between 2000 and 2002 were created to accompany the three volumes of The Divine Comedy commissioned by a Spanish publisher and currently being released by France Loisirs. This exhibition of drawings is in keeping with the Louvre's policy of openness to contemporary art and reconnects with a long tradition of fruitful interchange between living artists and the illustrious works of their predecessors. Pressetext

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The Divine Comedy - Drawings by Miquel Barcelo
Salle d'Actualité, Department of Graphic Arts
Kuratoren: Marie-Laure Bernadac, Françoise Viatte