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A new installation by Mircea Cantor will be presented at Arnolfini elaborating on the theme of uncertainty, and addressing the notions of displacement through the transfiguration of everyday phenomena.

Following his exhibition at Modern Art Oxford earlier this year, the exhibition at Arnolfini will be a second stage to this project, with significant new components, including a large-scale traditional wooden gate seen in the Maramures region of Northern Romania. Coated in 24 carat gold leaf, the gate has been imposed with a DNA-strand motif symbolising an updated version of The Tree of Life, yet paradoxically certainty and control.

In his sculptural and installation work, Cantor reveals the power of the simple gesture to highlight the fragility of our convictions. An image of a carved wooden form wrapped around the trunk of a tree in a Transylvanian forest, and a flying carpet woven with motifs of angels and aeroplanes will be some of the elements used by Cantor to prompt reflections on worlds within worlds, and on freedom and its limitations.

Mircea Cantor lives and works in Paris and Cluj, Romania.

Mircea Cantor: The Need for Uncertainty is part of the series 3: 3 artists / 3 spaces / 3 years, a series of three artists' commissions. Presented as a programme over three years, the series is being produced as a partnership between Modern Art Oxford, Arnolfini, Bristol and Camden Art Centre, London.

Mircea Cantor
The Need for Uncertainty