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The Visual Arts Platform expands its programme in 2011 from solo shows of Austrian artists to collaborative duo shows of Austrian and UK-based artists. This first show brings together Austrian artist Miriam Bajtala and UK-based artist Blue Curry to develop new synergies between their artistic practices.

Bajtala's work often deals with fundamental issues focusing on perception, time and space – she investigates the context of these parameters and the mutual relationships between them. Her layered and staggered films investigate the concept of the ‘gaze’ – who is watching, how many are watching, and watching what?

In contrast, Curry’s work focuses our gaze by producing seductive and minimalist objects and installations that evoke fantasies of the native, the tropical and the exotic. By carefully layering incongruous materials to make his works, the results are visually alluring and lead us to ideas of ethnography and the souvenir, but also the contemporary.

The Visual Arts Platform is curated by Eva Martischnig and Adriana Marques and presents emerging artists, through exhibitions, artist’s talks and symposiums. The Visual Arts Platform began in 2006 and continues into its sixth year in 2011 with a new programme of collaborations between emerging Austrian and UK artists in the ACF gallery.

MIRIAM BAJTALA Miriam Bajtala (b. Bratislava, Slovakia, 1970, lives and works Vienna) incorporates video, drawing, and site-specific installation in her art practice. She studied art history and digital music technology, and in 2002 received an MA in Fine Art from the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna.

BLUE CURRY Blue Curry (b. Nassau, Bahamas, 1974, lives and works London) works primarily in sculpture and installation dealing with the aura of the exotic. He received his MFA in Fine Art at Goldsmiths College, London in 2010.

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Terms of Decision
Miriam Bajtala, Blue Curry 
Kuratoren: Eva Martischnig, Adriana Marques