press release

Imprecise Itineraries #1 - First impressions of a city is the result of a project in which I’ve asked seven different people to draw up any itinerary on a map that I should follow in my first days in Bergen. For seven days, these maps were guiding me, leading to my first impressions of the city. Each day I’ve picked up a map randomly, using it as a reference as I was walking around the city. This walking device has determined my experience in the face of the city and the production of a video artwork.

The video was recorded using a cell phone camera and is divided in seven parts. Each part corresponds to one day and to a different itinerary. The artwork is conceived as a film-essay. It has a documentary approach, showing a kind of multiple “micro-events” in the daily routine, at the same time it has an approach very “pictorial”, which could express the point of view of a painter or of a photographer.

An important element in the work is the aesthetic present in the images that corresponds to the “language” of this mobile device and reflects our time. Formally we can see all the issues related to the capture format and the equipment. We can see elements like progressive brightness, filtered audio capture, the 16 frames per seconds, etc. It’s also present the specificity in the camera movements in the space that follows the movement of the walking body.

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Miro Soares
Artist in Residence USF, Bergen, Norway
Imprecise itineraries