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The portrait has been a staple of art going back to the Egyptians and the sculptural bust of Nefertiti. Then 3300 or so years later came Andy and Alice and Chuck and Cindy and Annie. What's next? The mind wanders and wonders about something new and relevant to the present moment that the genre can deliver. "Mirror, Mirror" is a group exhibition of nine artists engaged with contemporary portraiture in all media. The works in the show present a variety of approaches from realistic, exquisitely rendered paintings of the artist's friends (Jenny Morgan) and traditional portraits of the members of American Communist Party (Yevgeniy Fiks) to bitingly satirical drawings (William Powhida), unsettling video self portraits (Kate Gilmore), photographs of three generations of artist's family in the rural Midwest (Chris Verene), video reenactments of people on Facebook who share the same name (Ursula Endlicher), portraits painted directly on top of the people they represent and then photographed to look like a painting (Alexa Meade), and metaphysical psychedelic portraits of people's souls (Jason Robert Bell). Tamas Banovich, will contribute a work involving Chatroulette.

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Mirror, Mirror
a show of portraits

Alexa Meade, Chris Verene, Jenny Morgan, Jason Robert Bell, Kate Gilmore, Tamas Banovich, Ursula Endlicher, William Powhida, Yevgeniy Fiks