press release

Mixografia was founded in 1968 in Mexico City by Luis and Lea Remba as a fine print workshop for collaboration on print editions. Celebrated Mexican artist Rufino Tamayo’s desire for more volume and texture in his prints inspired Luis Remba to invent a process that permitted the printing of images in relief with fine surface detail. Dubbed “Mixografia” to reflect the mixture of graphic materials and processes involved, the method led to the creation of a special handmade paper that is applied as damp paper pulp to the inked printing plate. In 1984, the Rembas moved the workshop to Los Angeles. The hallmark of its collaborations is an innovative approach that accommodates each artist’s working style, encouraging the discovery of new creative possibilities. Selected from the archive of Mixografia, this exhibition features nearly 45 objects by 24 American, European, Latin American, and Asian artists who have collaborated with the Rembas.

The exhibition is organized by the Portland Art Museum and curated by Annette Dixon, Ph.D., curator of prints and drawings.

Mixografia: Innovation and Collaboration
Kurator: Annette Dixon

Künstler: Louise Bourgeois, Stanley Boxer, Helen Frankenthaler, Gunther Gerzso, Donald Lipski, Richard Meier, Henry Moore, Mimmo Paladino, Jorge Pardo, Seo-Bo Park, Ed Ruscha, Julião Sarmento, George Segal, Kiki Smith, Donald Sultan, Rufino Tamayo, Tom Wesselmann, Terry Winters, Peter Wüthrich