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In the context of the Festival d’Automne, Level One is happy to announce a solo project by Mladen Stilinović, putting together artist books and installation.

Born in 1947, Mladen Stilinović is one of the most charismatic figure of the Croatian art scene. His work in different media including collages, photographies, films, installations, performance and artist books is characterized by a dialogue between visual and linguistic signs. As the artist usually states, the subject of his work is the language of politics, its reflection in everyday life.

"You often say that art is nothing. How do you move on from this proposition, in the production of books and in the creation of other works?

When I say that art is nothing - I am thinking of the social role of art. Here art means nothing, and not just since today. But this nothing is important because it is a form of freedom that is outside the main system of society. Actually, inside this system, which does not permit of voids, this nothing is very important. Everything has some purpose, but art does not. Except in me as artist. I find this hard to explain. You do some critical art that is part of society, but you are aware that it has nonsequences at all. And this is an absurdity, but I love it, this absurdity, I love this nothing. It is what provovokes me to work."

From the interview with Sabina Sabolović in the catalogue Mladen Stilinović, Artist’s Books , Platform Garanti – Contemporary Art Center Istanbul et Van Avbbemuseum, Eindhoven.

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Mladen Stilinovic