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From September 7 to October 27, 2012, Brutto Gusto will turn into a show room for things that make life more beautiful, true to the principles of Mock Room: art, architecture, fashion and design. “Mock Room goes public” – according to this motto Klara Wallner emerges from the virtual space of her blog, which she has run since January, 2012, and stages an installation at Brutto Gusto consisting of sculpture, painting, flowers and interior decoration. To this end Brutto Gusto-fine arts will be converted into a pop-up “Concept Store”. Permanent and ephemeral items are juxtaposed free of hierarchy: the always carefully selected seasonal flowers and vintage vases of the Brutto Gusto-artists meet art and furniture design of today as well as yesteryear. The unique screens by the young Berlin design team AQUI will divide the room into different levels, while the lighted cabinets, which is also designed by AQUI, will display sculptural vessels by Ritsue Mishima and Massimo Micheluzzi. A painted vintage butterfly chair, first shown in 1940 by Ferrari-Hardoy in Buenos Aires and winning an award there, will enter confidently into a dialogue with the ceramic vessels by Morten Løbner Espersen. Photo collages by Sabrina Jung flank idiosyncratic Asian stools posing as sculptures with a function. The label so what? will create some useful things for the occasion of the exhibition Mock Room@ Brutto Gusto from recycled materials, resulting in maverick samplings of Ikea and late 19th century Gründerzeit furniture respectively. Last but by no means least, flowers will be staged lavishly in the entire late summer palette to face off with light-objects by Knut Eckstein.

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Mock Room
Kuratorin: Klara Wallner

Künstler: Alvar Aalto, Angelika Books, AQUI , Knut Eckstein, Morten Lobner Espersen, Jorge Ferrari-Hardoy, Tine Furler, Sabrina Jung, Marco Meiran, Mathieu Mercier, Massimo Micheluzzi, Ritsue Mishima, Perret Schaad, Chto Delat? , Willem Speekenbrink, Tau von den Wiesen, Robin Winters.