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Two videos, six lightboxes and sixteen photographs recount the work of Mohamed Bourouissa and Tobias Zielony, artists who for years have been analysing the most emarginated aspects of contemporary society. Through their photographic works they provide a critical and poetical interpretation of the tensions of life on the edge, now a synonym for a place with insufficient resources, tormented by social and economic problems.

The works on show provide a hard-hitting portrait of the condition of marginality and the associated social stereotypes: from the series of photographs Screens by Bourouissa featuring the shattered surfaces of television screens, to the photographic animation Vele by Zielony composed of 7,000 single shots taken at night at Scampia (Naples), through to the video Temps mort (Time Out) by Bourouissa that documents a year of telephonic exchanges between himself and an imprisoned acquaintance.

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Mohamed Bourouissa & Tobias Zielony
Peripheral Stages
Kuratorin: Adelina Vlas