press release

Tanya Leighton is pleased to announce Monday is a Day Between Sunday and Tuesday, a group exhibition that brings together artists who have lived and worked in Germany.

The show's title - a wry definition of the first day of the week - points to our impulse to name things, to classify them and to devise systems for understanding them. In art, naming and delineating have been stalwart accessories in writing the canon of art history. Art's multifarious periods, movements and schools of thought have probably always felt inadequate. This inadequacy is particularly apparent today, yet these categories seem to be unshakeable. Similar to the way that two dots and a line always seem to draw a face, it is without thinking that we ask things to coalesce into groups that we can arrange in relationship to one another.

Geography is a category that art history loves, both historically and even now as distance collapses by way of instantaneous global communication. While Monday is a Day Between Sunday and Tuesday is categorically an exhibition of artists who have a strong connection to Germany, it is at the same time an illustration of just how arbitrary this category can be. The artists collected here employ varied approaches to painting. Their relationships to history and the present differ, as do their ages, places of birth, and so on. The ambiguity of the category that links them - having lived here - creates a space to approach each artist's work on its own terms.