press release

Monika Zawadzki (*1977 Warsaw) creates sculptures, wall paintings and videos using simplification displaying an economy of form. But her openly socially engaged art practice has a meaningful and profound content. The main topic of Zawadzki’s works is the functioning of individuals and groups within ethical, biological and political orders. The artist raises questions on violence and domination, exclusion and otherness as well as the relationship between corporality and spirituality. Her realizations ranging from small-scale objects to monumental pieces use visual language of expression based on repeatable motifs and most often are limited to black.

The starting point for the “Der Keller” exhibition became a “down to earth” venue, located in the basement of the Künstlerhaus. The shame of mankind resonates in all her selected works. Zawadzki easily rejects anthropocentrism and argues that the most important thing is to achieve harmonious agreement between animate and inanimate matter. This first solo survey show of Monika Zawadzki outside Poland, features new commissions, as well as abstract and figurative works realized over the last ten years.