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Less is more was the motto coined by Mies van der Rohe for modernism in architecture worldwide. The phrase became the basis for rational functionalism which condemned all ornament and proclaimed it deplorable. What did modern artists and thinkers have against glut? What is the significance of excess that was to be done away with? Do chaos and excess pose danger?

The danger of uncontrolled accumulation of goods is exemplified by the tragic story of brothers Homer and Langley Collyer. In 1947, police discovered their bodies in an apartment where 130 tons of rubbish were stored. The story of the two hoarders lead to the distinction of a psychological disorder called the Collyer brother syndrome. The Collyer story is reflected in similar strategies in the field of art. One only needs to mention Kurt Schwitters' Merzbau.

These gigantic and superhuman actions reveal an attempt to cope with psychic space by means of physical action in a real place. When someone enters such psychically organized space the borders of a private psychosis of its creator are violated. Such places are most often closed and hidden in interiors which perforce reveal the psychical landscape of their 'architects'.

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Kuratoren: Daniel Muzyczuk, Agnieszka Pindera, Joanna Zielinska

Künstler: Yomar Augusto, John Bock, Monica Bonvicini, Jordi Colomer, Oskar Dawicki, Merzbow , Hans Schabus, Gregor Schneider, Costa Vece