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Bonniers Konsthall opens this fall with the group exhibition More Than Sound which looks at the use and composition of music within contemporary artistic practices. Occupying the entire Konsthall and extending outdoors, More Than Sound also comprises an extensive series of events, workshops and concerts, the first of which were a considerable John Cage centennial celebration.

Bonniers Konsthall has with previous exhibitions coupled the making of art with fields such as theatre, film and literature, and has now come to explore music. More Than Sound presents art that alludes to a range of compositional methods and considers the varying manners in which artists have created or used music within their work. What is on view or performed is therefore not orchestrated to coalesce. Rather, the exhibition aims to focus on disharmonies through which divergent compositions can be better understood, arguing that whatever it may sound like, music is by some enigmatic faculty in the end always music, making it something undeniably bewildering all whilst being a concrete, physical practice.

More Than Sound presents works ranging from Susan Hiller's outdoor electronic composition, Ayşe Erkmen's sampling of Beethoven to Scanners new elevator music. But taking into account the intriguing difficulties of exhibiting sound, the works by Haroon Mirza, Matti Kallioinen, and Susan Philipsz, will be experienced by way of a predetermined sequence, making up a concatenation through which their distinguishing manners of composition might be further elaborated on. Moreover, the exhibition puts on an ambitious series of lectures, events and concerts, from a commissioned piece by Carl Michael von Hausswolff, to a lecture by Brian Eno to a workshop by Tarek Atoui. Here, Bonniers Konsthall aims not only to investigate music but also, for the duration of the exhibition, to be a place where music is created.

The exhibition will be followed by an anthology comprising new and old texts by artists, musicians and writers, accompanied by an LP record. To be released in spring 2013.

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More Than Sound
Kuratoren: Theodor Ringborg, Björn Norberg, Sarah Hansson, Caroline Elgh

Künstler: Tarek Atoui, Malin Bang, Hans Berg & Nathalie Djurberg, Ayse Erkmen, Carl Michael von Hausswolff, Susan Hiller, Matti Kallioinen, Haroon Mirza, Susan Philipsz, Robin Rimbaud aka Scanner.