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From an idea of Giovanna Giannattasio, N.O.Gallery define a cycle of exhibitions dedicated to the research on today artist’s multiple. Three are the exhibitions scheduled within this year: multiple_1, multiple_2 and multiple_3:three exhibitions that will be entrusted to young curators. In the occasion of these events N.O.Gallery will edit multiples deliberately conceived by the selected artists.

multiple_1 is the result of a research by Katia Anguelova and Alessandra Poggianti dedicated in investigating the artist’s multiple role in the contemporary art system. multiple_1 is a project in which the works of 21 artists from different cultures and educational background flow: the common aim is the quality of the works and the will of each artist to produce multiples intended as vehicle of transmission of ideas. Multiple, then, intended not only as an art object produced in more than a copy, but also as an artistic discipline and practice.

Multiples are not minor works, they merely belong to an other economic category of production, they state the matter of the status d’auteur, the commercial value. Through multiples it is possible to reach a new, different, curious public who know contemporary art, a public for whom the purchase of a work is not necessarily bound to the purchase of a unique work. Reflecting and presenting multiples is a first approach to have the chance to move closer to the concept of collecting.

If it is true, as Jenny Holzer says in one of her Truisms, that “repetition is the best way to learn”, surely multiplying is the best way to spread.

The invitation of the exhibition multiplo_1 “daily endless multiple made recyclable” has been created by Seamus Farrell.


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multiplo 1
daily endless multiple made recyclable
Kuratoren: Katia Anguelova, Alessandra Poggianti

mit Glen Baxter, Davide Bertocchi, Monica Bonvicini, Daniel Buren, Sarah Ciracì, Claude Closky, Francois Curlet, Sam Durant, Michael Elmgreen & Ingar Dragset, Seamus Farrell, Christophe Fiat, Fischli / Weiss, John Giorno, Liam Gillick, Thomas Hirshhorn, Jazzkammer, Ricardo Lanzarini, Lètaris, Rob Mazurek, Mathieu Mercier, Antoni Muntadas, Maja Ratkje, Alain Sechas, Terre Thaemlitz